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I, Christopher Walster, am an independent artist working for myself and am committed to being a trustworthy trader for all visitors to my website and all customers to my Etsy shop. I will never share your personal details, nor use them without your permission. The following information constitutes my privacy policy, which I follow to keep your information secure.



The following websites I use are: (who supply my portfolio website), Etsy (the online marketplace I sell all my products through) and Paypal (who I use to process card payments at markets). All use cookies to collect information from their users, such as browsing behavior and purchasing history. You can disable cookies at any time by changing your website browser settings. 


Etsy Shop

If you purchase items from my Etsy Shop, I will only use your contact information in regards to that order, or for any legal reasons – nothing else. I keep sales records for tax purposes and these will not be kept longer than 7 years. Details are password protected and do not go to any third parties other than Etsy themselves. Your name, email address, postal address and contact number are stored online by Etsy who are fully GDPR compliant, and therefore your details are safely stored. I have no control over the information kept by Etsy and you will need to contact them directly if you wish to have your data removed. Contact details are here.



At this moment in time I only deal with commissions via email. If contacted through Etsy Message, Instagram Direct Message, Twitter Direct Message or through my Facebook Business Page, I will refer you to my email address for commission details and further correspondence. I will only contact you in relation to your commission or any questions related to commissions. Any information you give, such as photos and contact details, will be kept on file for personal reference in case you choose to contact me about the commission in the future. However, you are more than welcome to request for these to be deleted after full payment has been received and the commission has been delivered to you. 


Commissions are paid by invoice only at this time. Invoices are kept for my own financial records and are not sent to any third parties.


Using your commission for social media platforms

When I have completed a commission I always photograph and scan the finished piece for my portfolio to display on my website and on social media platforms. If your commission is for a particular occasion on a particular day, I will only upload the image after the date you have set. For example, if your commission is for a gift on the 13th Jan 2018, I will not upload any progress photos or finished pictures until after this date. I will not use your name or personal details, just a picture of the item and a short description. For example: “An anniversary gift of the venue where they got married”. This is done to give future customers ideas for their own commission.



I use Paypal for card payments at markets. The information provided is restricted and is covered under Paypal’s own privacy policy. I only use the payment information (the amount paid and fees) for my own records and do not send it to third parties. 


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Accessing your personal information

If you need to contact me for any reason in regards to viewing, amending or deleting your personal information, contact me at


This Privacy Policy was created on 20th May 2018. 

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Privacy Policy

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