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Hi there!

My name is Christopher Walster and I'm originally from Aberdeen, North East of Scotland.. 

Believe it or not but I actually trained in acting in Edinburgh, but I've always loved art. I like to be creative and got back into drawing again whilst I was on a Pantomime Tour and my friends thought I should sell my work. So a year or so after that, I decided to take the leap and put my work out there and since then I've never looked back. 





















Over the years I've traded at many events all over the UK, from Manchester, Aberdeen, Glasgow Sheffield and many others and I'm always looking to expand my horizons to new cities.


My work is all black and white illustrations of skylines, landmarks, funny slogans and cute little cartoons. All little keepsakes of where we've been and getting your loved one a nice little gift.


I've been lucky enough to travel a lot in my life and I think memories of our holidays, places we’ve lived and our loved ones means a lot to a person. Also I like to doodle, architecture fascinates me and I like to be sarcastic once in a while.

My skylines and landmarks

My 'to do' list is never ending. But if there is a city or landmark you are after and I've not done it yet, please let me know and I shall add it to the list. I always do the most popular ones first, but I do sometimes fast track some if its related to a commission I am asked to do.

So please get in touch.  

So feel free to take a look at my collection and see what you would like. To purchase anything, please head to my Etsy shop by clicking on the SHOP button at the top.


You can also follow me on

Twitter. @c_walster

Instagram. @christopherwalster

Facebook. @christopherwalsterillustration

Also a lot of people ask me for commissions and wedding items. So feel free to see these pages for ideas, or contact me if you have more particular questions. 

Thank you and enjoy having a look around.

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